Mission Statement

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We welcome all God’s family to pray and worship, to serve others, and to participate fully in our Spirit-filled community.

Our diversity is the richness of God’s blessings to us as we celebrate our unity as a faith-family. Together we honor all who have contributed to our sacred legacy, and the many blessings of our community—generation upon generation of families that have come to St. Helena. Sharing our gifts from God, we rejoice in thanksgiving for our heritage and are proud to be a contributing presence in Napa Valley and beautiful St. Helena.

Beyond the bricks and mortar

Christ has provided a place for us for worship and praise, prayers, and fulfillment of needs, hospitality, and welcome in the gift of one another. Our blessed, rich heritage continues as we build a faith family of God. We follow in the sacred footsteps of generations of families at St. Helena Catholic Church and School. Such a sacred heritage goes beyond the historical church buildings—the bricks and mortar. It is in the hearts and spirit of our past and present in the hearts of our multicultural families who love God in loving one another.