St. Helena Catholic Church welcomes new Catholics through a variety of programs. Infants are regularly baptized during weekend masses. The parents of these infants and the godparents/sponsors meet privately with Deacon Bruce Miroglio for instruction and preparation for the infant to receive the sacrament of baptism and for the parents and godparents/sponsors to learn of their roles and responsibilities. To arrange for an infant baptism, please contact Deacon Bruce through the Church or directly at 963-7400. For young adult and adults, please refer to the RCIA program.

Infants & Children under 5

We ask for both parents and godparents to attend the Baptismal Preparatory class that is offered. Please pre-register at our Parish Office by calling our Deacon, who will inform you of the times and requirements. If at all possible, we ask that you please not bring children to the class for clear focus by all attending.

Once the class has been completed please bring the following to the Parish Office for the scheduling of your Baptism:

  • Registration form with the Deacon’s signature verifying class attendance
  • Copy of son/daughter’s birth certificate

You will need to collect the following for the Godparents:

  • If married, you will need a copy of certificate of marriage by the Catholic Church
  • Certificate of attending the Baptism Preparatory class either at our parish or another Catholic church

Once all requirements are complete, please bring them to the Parish Office in order to have your child’s Baptism scheduled. Please note Baptisms are held during one of our Sunday Masses for a communal celebration of the gift of new life entering our Church.

Parishioners Parents/Godparents baptizing outside of Parish:

  • Need to attend the Baptism Class
  • Need to bring in any necessary paperwork as described above

Once all requirements are complete, please bring the documents to the Parish Office to provide for the Letter of Permission for the Parish in which the Baptism will take place. For any further questions please call the Parish Office.

1st Grade through 8th Grade

Please find more information about Children’s Religious Education here.

High School students

Please find more information here.


Please find more information here.